Winter Chill...
Pissed Off - Literally
(Thursday January 28, 7:09 am)
So my little cat, the gray one Jules, is HIGHLY pissed off since we 1) had the baby 2) got the dog and 3) when the orange cat Oscar showed up.

So since I've been home sick Jules has been LOVING the one on one attention (basically sleeping on my head and following me around).

Last night I kicked Jules out of the room because he was trying to sleep across me and le bebe. I didn't care but the baby wanted to play with the cat and I wanted to ggo to sleep. So Jules goes into the living room and is trying her damned'est to lay in Mikes lap (but he was playing that dumb ass Modern Warfare so he didn't want the cat on him). Anyhoo --

Jules gets pissed off, goes into his bathroom and pisses on the floor. Then shreds up all his magazines and puts all the shredded paper on top of the pee in a neat pile. Then takes all his toilet paper off the roll and puts it in his shower.

I laughed heartily for a good solid 5 minutes.

That cat had to be sooooo pissed off last night!!!!

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