Winter Chill...
week 14
(Monday, Oct. 04, 2010, 2:14 pm)
Sorry, the photographer for the wedding hasn't gotten back with the photo's we're-a-still-waitin!

The only thing I can really update on is the baby. I had to go to my doctor on Thursday because I was tired of carrying this low grade fever. I has a fever from 100-102 on and off for a little less than 2 weeks. So as I was sitting at work, with my head POUNDING, I just left.

Turns out I had a sinus infection....and have HAD a sinus infection since Labor Day (I just didn't know it). So I had lost 7lbs in less than 3 weeks (my doctor says that I hadn't been eating because of the nasal drip). So....I'm now currently taking about 9 pills (including vitamins and prenatal). I can't say I particularly feel better, but I just don't have the time to take off of work, which is extremely frustrating.

So I don' t know, Husband and I are talking about me making a job switch. (And I know, I know...changing jobs in this economy is NOT the smartest thing ever)....but I desperately NEED something different. In a small way I wish I would have taken a job as a research assistant right when I left college. Sometimes I just feel like I work with...well lets just say people that I don't really understand their wave length (that's nicely calling people idiots, right?)

I mean....I just don't know what to say.....sometimes I just stare at people with blank blank stares. I just need a little bit of MAGIC!

Well, we did have a sonogram on Friday and baby is doing good/fantastic. Baby is actually bigger than what they expected (hoping that's because baby is getting bigger on it's own and NOT that I will have gestational diabetes again). Other than that, I have "reached" my second trimester, yet I'm still sick (my dr thinks its the sinus infection more than just normal baby sickness). I'm not as big at this point as I was with Kennedy, but you know each kid is different. I also think me deciding to discontinue my anti-depressants has affected us a little bit. I do cry more, I am sad, and sometimes I get crazy angry for no reason....but I am stuck on my decision to not keep taking the pills. I just don't want that.

For the first week Marriage Life has been rather cool. It's different, definatly. The level of committment is waayy different. I guess the thoughts I use to have of "maybe leaving" have turned in to trying to make it work...becuase I've got to do that. I mean, and lets face it...he's not all THAT bad....and I'm crazy too!! Lol

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