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October Randomness
(Monday, Nov. 01, 2010, 1:29 pm)
**I know I said I would update sooner Becca and Vic, but I have just been really busy**

Baby News

So things with BabyDracula have been ok. He/she is still making me very very sick. I got some medicine a while back that was supposed to help with some of the symptoms, but it pretty much stopped working. So eating is an "iffy" thing. I'm not gaining weight the way I am supposed to (I actually lost 7lbs a while back there), but I guess the baby is getting every last bit of anything that I eat. I contstantly have that feeling like I'm going to vomit, but 99% of the time I don't. It sucks. Actually today we are supposed to find out what the sex is....I dunno. I was betting a little boy for a while, but I am thinking this is going to be another little bell (girl). Hubs and I have decided on Zoe Madalynn for a name if it is a baby girl. I'm not really "in love" with the name Zoe, but it'll grow on me more if/when it is a baby bell.


So we finally recieved our wedding album last week. It's 1,069 photos, with 143 photo's that have been altered/photoshoped, etc. I "was" going to post the album and let whoever see them, but I don't know about that. I'm not totally 100% in love with how I "looked" on that day. Not that I was a nut-so bride or anything. But for me personally, I wasn't looking my best. I am clearly pregnant (not that that matters), but a friend of mine got married the same day down in Annapolis....lets just say I understand why brides are so obsessed with being tiny on their wedding day. White makes you look LLLAARRRGGEEE! Lol. Like really really large! But anyhow, if anyone wants to see them you can email me at [email protected] and I'll email you the link, K!

Personal Stuff

So lately I have really been debating (with myself) over the issues of gays and lesbians. And I don't know why it's bothering me so much. Like I HATE that kids are killing themselves over who/what they prefer. I hate that we live in such a "hyper-sexualized" world, but it can only be certain sex. Its almost like saying "hey I'm okay with the color white.....but its GOTTA be egg-shell and not ecru-white". You know, like why in the hell does it matter "who's flavor it is to see if it matters or not".

I just think that the majority of people are chosing this "lifestyle" as the popular thing and not necessarily because that's how they truly are....or they try to make themselves one way becuase they aren't a)a jock b) in the popular crowd c) don't fit in with the goth like kids....... I mean the list can go on and on. But who ALWAYS takes those that no one wants? I mean....I saw it happen all in college (being at an all woman's college). I some ways I'm mad and pissed. But part of me wants to be sympathetic.

And I just hate that I feel that way....or even care so much about 1 topic, which quite frankly, doesn't even really MATTER to me. I feel like we live in this world where if you don't wear tight clothing or clothes that basically show every body part you have then no one at all will even look at you. But if you are super sexual with who/what you are, then you are wrong. There's no balance. No inbetween. No nothing. It makes me a little crazy. And like I said, I don't know why I even care so much about this. But I can't imagine my kid(s) having to go through that as well as the plain old puberty issues. I mean....I just don't get it.

**jumps off soap box**

Anyhow...that's all I've really gotta update/talk about. Nothing is going on in my world. It's like kiddie milestones around my way, but I really believe that no one cares about those things except other Mommy's who's babies are around the same age. Like Kennedy is REALLY starting to pick up on words (and very well) - so every day we try to add at least one more word to her vocabulary. When we pick her up from daycare we go over the words, and when we change her diaper we go over the now she'll just randomly walk up to you while she's playing and she'll start to just say all her words. So she likes it...she likes to be able to repeat what you say (AND be able to understand what they mean). It's great. My kid is histerical. She loves to dance, pretends to sing, and will stare down a mirror any chance she gets. Shoes are her favorite (yours, mine, and all theirs too), skirts are pretty, and she likes it when you do different things to her hair (although she'll quickly remove any and all things you put in it, after she's thoroughly checked it out in the mirror of course). She likes chapstick, thinks eggs are God's best creation, and is thrilled that she can chew gum. I life now is really about her, Mike, and my family. And I can say that that's great!

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